About the museum

The purpose of the non-profit Nerdrum Museum Association is to disseminate Odd Nerdrum’s paintings and works, and ensure that these become visually available to a general public, as well as to convey knowledge about his life and work. The association will ensure that the works in its disposal are looked after in the best possible way for the future and, if necessary, restored.

Through the permanent exhibition in Pipehuset at Agnes in Stavern, the association will show the highlights from the painter’s production from over half a century, as well as create a cultural centre that promotes concerts, conferences, events and lectures on relevant topics. In addition, knowledge about the history of painting will be imparted, with a particular focus on classical figurative painting.

No original works from the museum’s collection, including paintings, sketches, drawings and graphics are for sale: the works are reserved for public interest and to be preserved as a part of Norway’s public cultural heritage.

The non-profit Nerdrum Museum association was established on 22/02/2023.