Who is the greatest painter of all time?

The Arcanum of Apelles
7. November, 2014

Odd Nerdrum: "Crossing the Border"

Odd Nerdrum: “Crossing the Border”

On a small farm at the cusp of the Norwegian seaside, in a rustic wood-paneled studio strong with the smell of linseed oil and time-tested pigments, a pack of painters cluster around … Read more

Exhibition: ‘Pupils of Apelles’ at Copro Gallery
1. October, 2014


Exhibition at Copro Gallery (November 15th through December 6th) in Santa Monica, CA.

For 2000 years Apelles of Cos was known as the greatest of painters. Praised for his grace and sensuality – he was not only Alexander the … Read more

Why the Art World Failed and Hollywood Succeeded
19. September, 2014

10 distinctions found between Hollywood and the art world.

Imagine the film industry with an ‘artistic’ mindset. It would no longer be an industry, as the audience would not attend cinemas to be entertained. Film-directors would base moviemaking on arbitrary action, and reject the idea of competition in favor of pursuing self-fulfillment. After all, who … Read more

TRAC 2014 – A look back
4. May, 2014

The TRAC conference 2014 was an important event – a breakthrough in looking at painting with a philosophical aspect.

Odd Nerdrum’s Kitsch and Roger Scruton’s Beauty were the main topics of discussion at the conference. The difference between the aesthetical views of the two philosophers, can more or … Read more

New painting by Nerdrum
7. April, 2014

Odd Nerdrum: "Self Portrait as a Dog"

Odd Nerdrum: “Self Portrait as a Dog”